Akinci demands justice and reparations for attack on TCs in Nicosia

President Akinci’s spokesman Baris Burcu has condemned the attack against three Turkish Cypriots which took place in Nicosia last weekend. In a written statement issued on Tuesday, Burcu said that on Sunday around 15.30 three Turkish Cypriots were attacked while waiting at traffic lights in Makarios Avenue by some Greek Cypriots riding bikes and holding the Greek flag and the flag of APOEL football club.

Recalling that such “unacceptable incidents” had occurred in the past as well, Burcu said that upon instructions from the President Akinci he had asked President Anastasiades via the Greek Cypriot negotiator Andreas Mavroyiannis, for the arrest and effective punishment of the perpetrators, as well as compensation for the damages which the Turkish Cypriots had suffered.

Burcu noted that they were told by South Cyprus officials that such attacks were made against Omonia football club’s supporters as well, but they will do whatever they can to pay for damages suffered by the Turkish Cypriots and to protect their rights.

Burcu argued that the attack is damaging to the Cyprus negotiations and the mutual feeling of trust and should be condemned by both sides.

Meanwhile, commenting on the issue, Foreign Minister Tahsin Ertugruloglu, argued that they are not alleging that all Greek Cypriots hold the same views, but “it is a fact that Greek Cypriot youth is nourished and educated with enmity towards the Turkish Cypriots”.

He added that another fact is that the police and the authorities took absolutely no action on the issue. “The Turkish Cypriot people must know that there are some persons in south Cyprus who do not have friendly feelings towards them and should make preparations accordingly. We do not have the right to endanger our safety and future by acting as if these things do not exist”.

Haberal Kibrisli

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