Akinci denies walking out of leaders’ meeting

President Mustafa Akinci has denied that he walked out of today’s leaders’ meeting, as was reported by the Greek Cypriot press. It was, in fact President Nicos Anastasiades who walked out, he said.

Speaking to reporters following the meeting held in the UN controlled buffer zone, President Akinci said that he had explained the reason for the Turkish Cypriot side’s reactions regarding the Greek Cypriot parliament’s decision to commemorate the 1950 Enosis plebiscite at schools in South Cyprus.

The fact the President Anastasiades’ own party, had abstained from the vote also caused great disappointment and anger within the Turkish Cypriot community, who expected President Anastasiades to reverse the decision.

President Akinci noted that the Turkish Cypriots did not want to see their future partners working together with extreme nationalist parties such as ELAM.

Akinci also denied reports on the Greek Cypriot press that he had walked out of the meeting.

“Once we exchanged our views on the issue, the UN Secretary-General’s Special Adviser tried to wrap up the discussion, stating that the steps were required to address the Turkish Cypriot side. The Greek Cypriot leader angrily stated that he had nothing else to say.”

He added that it was not possible for the Turkish Cypriot side to tolerate such acts of disrespect.

We have had instances in the past when Mr. Anastasiades lost his temper. But no matter what our differences are, we have always maintained our respect. Under the current circumstances it was not possible to ignore his actions”, he said.


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