Akinci did his best but says future tougher for next generation

President Mustafa Akinci held a press conference following the failure of the Conference on Cyprus at Crans-Montana to bring any agreement between the two Cypriot sides and the three guarantor countries, Turkey, Greece and the UK.

Akinci said that he and his delegation are all sad that no agreement was reached. He noted, that there would not have been any conference had it not been for the particular efforts made by the Turkish Cypriot side to bring it about.

He said that he was frustrated by the lack of a positive result but that he had done everything he could and his conscience was clear.

Akinci said that there would be more details given after his return to Cyprus.

The talks, he said had reached a point where there could have been a deal made, but it was at that point that the talks failed and both sides have lost out.

The Turkish Cypriot side had offered some territory provided that the Greek Cypriots agreed to a rotating presidency, as UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres had proposed. President Anastasiades had agreed to this but later added that this would only be on the proviso that the Turkish Cypriots accepted a map outlining territory as decided by the Greek Cypriot side and that guarantees for the island were abolished and all Turkish troops withdrawn from Cyprus. This was rejected in no uncertain terms by Turkey.

Akinci said that he wanted to thank his colleagues for their work and in particular his chief negotiator Ozdil Nami. He also thanks UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and those who had hosted the conference.

It is not the end of the world, he added and the Turkish Cypriots would continue to find ways to to exist in dignity, as a worthy society.

It had been very apparent to him that the conference would be more difficult than in 2003, after the Annan Plan was rejected [by the Greek Cypriots], Akinci noted.

Now future generations face a much tougher struggle for reunification since this conference failed to produce the results he had striven for, Akinci concluded.

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