Akinci Dismisses Covid-19 Report as ‘Not Serious’

North Cyprus News - President Mustafa Akinci
President Mustafa Akinci

President Mustafa Akıncı has dismissed the temporary report on the statistics and progress on Covid-19 presented to him by the Ministry of Health, for lacking substance and seriousness.

President Akıncı recalled that he made the maximum effort to stay away from political polemics by taking into consideration the difficult days endured everyone.

I am sadly observing that the government had difficulty in acting with a common mind and on a scientific basis even in such a period and preferred unnecessary political stubbornness.” .

President Akıncı stated that the report, which he had requested for days and be presented to the Presidency as a booklet, is an article consisting of two and a half pages and that it has been described as “temporary”. According to the first evaluations of the experts, this report is not a work of the quality and gravitas that is worth the consideration, he said. 

President Akıncı’s statement on the subject is as follows:

I do my best to stay away from political polemics, taking into account the difficult days we are going through. However, I regret that the government at work has had difficulty acting with a common mind and on a scientific basis even at such a time and that it prefers unnecessary political stubbornness.

“The report that we have been requesting from them for days and said that they will be presented to us in a booklet has been an article consisting of two and a half pages with the phrase ‘temporary’ in its name. According to the initial evaluations of the experts, this report, unfortunately, is not a study of the quality and seriousness that it should be. At least a report close to that of the Greek Cypriot side should already be prepared by our side”.

He went on to say that despite the bi-communal committee on health’s recommendations regarding reopening the borders, that recommendation was ignored. In spite of the circumstances, the board decided that the crossings to the south may start before July 1, but the opposite was said in the statement made on behalf of the government.

The president said that it is only the TRNC society that will suffer from what is going on adding: “Let the route bring health, politics follow it”, advocating making decisions based on science.

Undoubtedly, we will not give up the measures, we will go to controlled and gradual expansions, no hesitation in this. Because it is the health of all of us. However, we will act with respect to science and health boards. Otherwise, it implies the imposition of narrow political understanding and arbitrariness, which cannot be [scientifically] confirmed. ”


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