Akinci gains more support for election second round

Several unions have said that they will support Mustafa Akinci in the presidential election run-off against Dervis Eroglu on Sunday.

Akinci will be backed by teachers’ union KTOS, civil servants’ union KTAMS and DAU-SEN, the EMU’s academic staff union.

Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Afrika’ reports that the election results for next Sunday appear to be more certain as Akinci is gaining support from all parts of society.

He has also been promised support by former President Mehmet Ali Talat and Speaker of the Assembly Sibel Siber. Siber was also a candidate in the first round of the elections. According to ‘Yeni Duzen’, Siber stated that Akinci’s political views are in line with her own and that the country needs a change.

Meanwhile, social media movement ‘Toparlaniyoruz’ established and lead by Kudret Ozersay, who also failed to get into the second round, has announced that it too, would be voting for Akinci. Ozersay said he would not support either of the two remaining candidates and would leave it to the members to decide who to back in the final stage of the elections.

Afrika, Yeni Duzen

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