Akinci gave up his trump card at Geneva Summit: Ozgurgun

Presenting a map during the Cyprus talks in Geneva was a strategic mistake, Prime Minister Huseyin Ozgurgun has said.

Speaking to BRT about the developments at the Geneva summit, the Prime Minister said that it was clear from the very beginning of the talks that this phase would be reached and reiterated his view that presenting a map was a strategic mistake.

We as the government and as the UBP voiced our view that presenting a map at this phase was very problematic. We said that problems would arise if the map was leaked to the press. When a map was presented, it was done so without consultations with the government, we weren’t even aware of the situation” said Ozgurgun.

The Turkish Cypriot side had given up its trump card by revealing the map, the PM said. It should only have been revealed during the last phase of the talks and added that the Cyprus negotiations were far away from the referenda stage.

Referring to the Greek Cypriot Foreign Ministers statement that it was their aim to end the occupation of the island, the Prime Minister said that Greece wants a solution that will erase all Turkish Flags in Cyprus.

There is a serious gap between North Cyprus, South Cyprus and Greece. Everyone knows this. Everyone can see that this gap cannot be closed,” said Ozgurgun. He added that if an agreement is reached it is reached, if not, then they are at a point where the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus can continue on its own path.

The Greek Cypriot side does not want Turkey’s active and effective guarantees to continue and therefore is not coming to an agreement on the Cyprus issue. Even President Akinci said that if an agreement is reached then good, if not the TRNC will continue on its own path. We as the government are at this point. We think that this is the best possible solution.” said the PM.

Emphasising the fact that the TRNC is a legal state, Ozgurgun said that the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus with all of its organs, democratic structure and together with its institutions, is here.

We should not waste our energy by negotiating another 50 years,” Ozgurgun said.


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