Akinci gives 1st year’s feedback on negotiations

President Mustafa Akinci has said that efforts to find a solution to the Cyprus problem are advancing on a proper, just and realistic basis. Evaluating the first year since his election as Turkish Cypriot President, Akinci noted that he has based his policy on the principle of having four dimensions: “a policy focused on the solution of the Cyprus problem”, “sensitivity on social issues”, “a relationship with Turkey based on mutual respect” and “being an independent and impartial president”.

Noting that he will work for new a united, bi-zonal, bi-communal federal Cyprus based on political equality, Akinci said that in parallel to the negotiations, he will not neglect the proper representation of the Turkish Cypriot people on all platforms he has the opportunity to do so. Addressing the Turkish Cypriots, he noted:

“You want to make deep roots and exist in this country. You want to be accepted as equal and free men in these lands, as people who are not worried about the future, on security, standing upright and with dignity. I believe that I represent this just demand of yours openly, on every level, every platform. I have clearly expressed your demand and determination in Nicosia, in the buffer zone, in Ankara, in Berlin, in Istanbul, in Davos and in New York.

The first sentence we wrote on the new page we have opened during the new period is that all sides have now undoubtedly accepted the sincere and strong demand of the Turkish Cypriot people for a solution. No one is any left in doubt any longer, that the Turkish Cypriot people have shouldered the solution process in Cyprus, that they try to promote it and that they sincerely want a solution. At the end of the first year, all countries and sides concerned, the international institutions have come to the point of having no doubt about our sincerity. A new climate of trust was created during the new period”.

Pointing out that during the past year, progress was achieved on Confidence Building Measures (CBM), Akinci described the new adjustments within the framework of the CBMs as “the backbone of the solution” of the Cyprus problem, adding, however, that no CBM could replace a just, bi-zonal, bi-communal federal solution. Akinci said that “serious progress” was achieved on the issue of the radio and television frequencies by the relevant committee and in efforts for harmonising their frequencies with international standards. He also noted that the electricity networks were temporarily unified.

Referring to the opening of the crossing points in Derynia and Aplic areas, Akinci said that efforts in this direction are continuing with the contribution of the UN and the EU, adding that their opening might have been delayed, but both crossing points will open soon and that the work to this end are systematically continuing.

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