Akinci giving false hope for a settlement

Turkish Cypriot journalist Yusuf Kanli asks why Akinci and his team are looking for funding to support a Cyprus solution before a deal is struck.

Writing in Turkish daily ‘Hurriyet’ he claims that Akinci is bringing false hope to Turkish Cypriot voters by pushing for funding for a Cyprus settlement.

Akinci had said that the issue of territory would be largely solved by compensation allocated by a new bi-communal property commission.

However, Kanli remains unconvinced of a positive outcome given the results of the 2004 referendum on the Annan Plan, where the Greek Cypriots voted against the deal on offer.

He refers to the greedy impulse of the Greek Cypriots to own and control the whole island and to keep the Turkish Cypriots as a minority. Pointing out, in addition Turkey’s wish to keep the TRNC as its own province and marginalising the Turkish Cypriots, particularly after the AKP came into power.

Kanli believes that Akinci has lost his popularity with the Turkish Cypriots, even though he was voted in by a 66% majority. He says:

Nothing has changed since then [2004] except that the Akıncı presidency in northern Cyprus that started to talk using Greek Cypriot slogans. Agreeing to give the pre-1974 owners the right of first say in resolving the property issue, compromising on the proportion of future refugees and accepting one to four as regards population movements from Turkey and Greece to the island and declaring the 1960 system was no longer a Turkish Cypriot priority, were just some of the fatal mistakes made and which has enraged the Turkish Cypriot electorate over recent months.”

He goes on to allege that he wants to keep his “pal” Anastasiades happy – mindful of the Greek Cypriot presidential elections coming in May 2016. Akinci wants a deal agreed before the elections. Both presidents have agreed to increase the number of meetings they will hold in November and December.

Kanli makes the comment that the Church of Cyprus is now supportive of the negotiations and that Anastasiades requires no help from Akinci to get re-elected.

He asks why President Akinci is looking for financial sponsorship from the international community. The promise of billions of dollars to fund a Cyprus settlement, when there is no deal on the table yet, can only bring false hope and is an attempt to buy a ‘yes’ vote from Turkish Cypriots, he concludes.


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