Akinci Holds Press Conference at Ercan

North Cyprus News - Akinci Istanbul TOBBPresident Mustafa Akinci held a press conference at Ercan Airport before he departed for New York this morning.

Both communities in Cyprus have been aversely affected by the deadlock in the Cyprus negotiations, he said. The president said that a mutually acceptable solution to the Cyprus problem will not only benefit all communities on the island but also neighbouring countries Turkey and Greece.

President Akıncı said that he was going to New York with a constructive spirit and a willingness to compromise, be it reasonable and feasible.

Akıncı said that UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres would like to share his evaluations with all the parties and what he thinks in the light of the report made by UN Temporary Envoy Jane Holl Lute.

Pointing out that the period of the old negotiation processes is now ended, Akıncı stressed that a voluntary and result-oriented process has to be brought onto the agenda and that it must be treated with political will and determination.

Kibris News Agency

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