Akinci is not defending TRNC equality in talks: Denktaş

Deputy prime minister and finance minister, Serdar Denktaş has said that: “I do not believe that we are carrying out a negotiating process in which political equality and equal sovereignty are adequately protected”.

On the issue of electricity, Denktaş said that the government’s target is to secure cheap and continuous supply of electricity and that it will do whatever is necessary to achieve this. “Being linked to an interconnected system with Turkey is absolutely necessary”, he argued, adding that this will not happen by using threats, but they should sit, discuss the issue, put forward their conditions and agree with their trade unions and the people.

Denktaş said that he had discussed the issue of the economic protocol with the Minister of Economy and Energy, Sunat Atun and agreed on how they will proceed.

He noted that they are looking at how soon they can invite tenders to distribute water and added that they do not want to rush, but to prepare a suitable contract which will not create problems in the future.

Referring to the issue of Ercan airport, Denktaş pointed out that the government will begin to get income [from its privatisation] as of January 2017, adding that “if the company does not pay, the agreement will in any case end”.

Furthermore, Turkish Cypriot daily Kibris Postasi reports that Denktaş described as “normal” the lifting of visa requirements by Turkey for EU citizens. He said: “I think that Turkey should have lifted the visa requirement earlier. Then more people and Greek Cypriots would have entered Turkey and they would have the opportunity to see that Turkey is an opportunity for them, not a threat”.

Describing Turkey’s move as “positive”, Denktaş expressed the belief that this practice will not prevent the solution of the Cyprus problem. He argued that many Greek Cypriots want to visit Turkey and claimed that use of Ercan airport will increase because travelling to Turkey from there is easier. “This will bring economic benefit to us”, he added.

Kibris Gazetesi, Kibris Postasi

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