Akinci lays wreath at Ataturk Monument on Independence Day

Today, Turkish Cypriots are celebrating the 32nd anniversary of the Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI) of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus on November 15, 1983.

At a ceremony headed by President Akinci at the Ataturk Monument held this morning, wreaths were laid, the National Anthem was played while flags were hoisted, and a memorial special book was signed.

Present at the ceremony were officials representing mainland Turkey and the Turkish Armed Forces General staff, Speaker of the Assembly Sibel Siber, TRNC Prime Minister Omer Kalyoncu, Deputy Prime Minister of the Turkish Republic Yildirim Tugrul Turkes, amongst others.

In a televised address on Saturday night, President Akinci said any strengthening of the TRNC should not be seen by the Greek Cypriot side as something negative or as a consolidation of the island’s division, but a means of preparing the North for an “equal and strong” coexistence as part of a federal Cyprus.

He also said that it would be impossible to have a single state with predominantly Greek Cypriots that would see Turkish Cypriots as a minority.

According to CNA Akinci said the Cyprus talks were at an important turning point but should not be continued indefinitely without results. He repeated that if there was political will and determination, there could be a solution by May next year.

Kibris Postasi, Cyprus Mail

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