Akinci looking for clear results at Cyprus Conference

President Mustafa Akinci and his team are reportedly closely cooperating with Ankara on the resumption of a result-oriented Cyprus Conference which began in Geneva on 12 January.

Speaking to Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Havadis’, foreign diplomats said that President Nicos Anastasiades wants a solution to the Cyprus problem and he is sincere about this issue, but he behaves in an a “reserved manner” when taking the necessary political decisions to achieve this end.

The same sources argued that at the current stage of the Cyprus talks, political leadership, courage and determination are needed and said that they are expecting President Anastasiades to take “more courageous steps”.

The diplomats described the joint call by the two community leaders for the continuation of the Cyprus Conference at a political level in the beginning of March, as a “positive step.” They also asserted that President Anastasiades took such a step knowing that Greece will not be able to say “no” to such a meeting.

Other sources told the paper that Akinci is worried that if the current momentum in the negotiations is lost, the countries involved in the process might enter into a period during which they will experience “very serious problems”.

The collapse of the negotiating process without a definitive result will create problems for all sides concerned.


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