Akinci points out regional benefits of piping Cyprus gas through Turkey

Speaking at the World Energy Congress in Istanbul on Monday, President Mustafa Akinci said a settlement of the Cyprus problem would provide the states in the region with the chance to redefine their relations on the basis of peace and cooperation. Natural gas from Cyprus could be conveyed via pipeline through Turkey and sold to Europe, he said.

Akinci said that both Cypriot communities had been engaged in intensive negotiations for the past 16 months, aiming at a comprehensive settlement.

If the Greek Cypriot side also displays a logical and realistic understanding, then a bi-zonal federation would soon be possible,” he said. “In such a case, the united federal Cyprus would be able to substantively contribute to the matters of international energy security and energy access.” Akinci said the natural gas discovered in the region “could reach Europe in the most economic and safe way through an energy corridor that will be constructed in Cyprus through Turkey. This would not only benefit Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots.”

The benefits and the prosperity, he added, would allow significant players in the region like Turkey, Greece, Israel and Egypt, to redefine their relations on the foundation of peace and cooperation.

Within this framework, we are talking about a big opportunity and economic dynamic, not only for Cyprus and Turkey, but the entire broader region,” Akinci said.

Cyprus Mail

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