Akinci points to joint benefits with Cyprus solution

President Mustafa Akinci has said situation in the TRNC will improve every day in cooperation with Turkey and will be able to look to the future more securely as long as it solidly stands on its own feet.

Addressing a delegation from the Turkish Grand National Assembly about the Cyprus negotiations, which will resume on 20th November, he said he hoped a date would be set for the five-party conference on territory and guarantees. This he said would be “the last stage of the process to find a solution to the Cyprus problem”.

Akinci reiterated that if a solution to the Cyprus problem is achieved, the TRNC will become one of the two equal partners of the federal structure, as is noted in its “declaration of establishment”.  He added “However, if the Greek Cypriot side does not abandon its maximalist approaches and continues demanding the impossible, the TRNC will continue in its own way.”

The Turkish Cypriot side does not have the luxury of postponing its internal problems. A TRNC with a strong economy and democracy will become a sounder partner of the federal structure that will be established, he said.

Akinci reiterated that his wish is to achieve lasting peace on the island and added that there is the opportunity for both sides to obtain their rights and be able to make use of the wealth in the region together, to be able to jointly exploit the natural gas and transfer it to Europe through Turkey and share the water supplied by Turkey.

Referring to the negotiations which will resume next week at Mont Pèlerin, Akinci said: “I hope that when we meet again next weekend, we will determine the date of a five-party conference at which Turkey will also be present together with the other guarantor countries.


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