Akinci proposes a change of pace in the negotiations

President Mustafa Akinci has proposed stepping up the intensity of the Cyprus negotiations.

Addressing the ‘Global Leadership Forum/ organised by Bahcesehir University in Istanbul at the weekend, he proposed a new model for the talks. Emphasising the need to conclude the fifty years-long negotiations and put a proposed solution to a referendum before the year’s end, he said:

“The intensified negotiation process could take place somewhere in Cyprus or abroad”.

“We propose to go to a different high level meeting right after the May 22 elections, if not in June then in July. In other words, we propose to carry out a continuous meeting. Let’s begin with the territory issue. Afterwards, we should proceed to a five party meeting with the participation of the guarantor powers and discuss the issue of security and guarantees. As soon as we complete this process, we will proceed to a referendum. The other four chapters may not be completed by July. I am of the opinion that if we reach a consensus on one or two matters related to the property issue and the rotating presidency, then the remaining issues will be easily solvable”.

Also, in other statements to NTV, Akinci referred to the Cyprus negotiation process and said that significant progress was achieved on four out of the six chapters of the Cyprus negotiations. He explained that the territory issue and the security and guarantees issues had not been discussed yet and added that those issues will be discussed at the final stage. “I consider that if we achieve a common approach on those issues, then it will be possible to go to a referendum before the end of the year”, Akinci argued.

Pointing out that Turkey is the security of the Turkish Cypriots, Akinci stressed the need for the continuation of Turkey’s guarantees and added that they should find a formula which will provide this. He also called on the Greek Cypriot side to empathise with this idea.

Underlining that the political equality and the issue of security and guarantees are extremely important for the Turkish Cypriots, Akinci expressed the belief that it is possible to find a formula which will make the Turkish Cypriots feel secure but on the other hand, will not leave the Greek Cypriots feeling threatened.

Akinci also reiterated that this is probably the last chance for a federal solution and added that they will do all that is necessary in order for 2016 to be the year of solution and bring peace to the island.

Kibris Gazetesi, NTV

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