Akinci reports on meeting with EU Commission President Juncker

President Mustafa Akinci met with the European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker on Wednesday, on the last day of his meetings in Brussels.

Speaking to the press after the meeting, President Akinci said that he saw Junker wants a solution of the Cyprus problem and that the EU Commission president said that he believed that the EU would not hold back its contributions to the process.

Reminding that during his visit to the island last year, Junker had announced that the EU would extend both its technical and financial support in the event of a settlement; Akinci said that he had spoken to Mr Juncker about this issue.

Stating that January would be a turning point for Cyprus, the President Akinci said “our wish is to conclude the process positively.”

Stressing that when looking at the whole picture, a solution in Cyprus will not only be beneficial for Cypriots but for people in the region as well, Akinci said, “everyone is aware of the possible influences of a solution beyond Cyprus. Not only Cyprus but also the EU needs this solution. Turkey-EU relations are also crucial. The better the relations, the more positive effects it would have on the Cyprus issue.”

Stressing that there is a serious opportunity for a new era, he said everyone should act accordingly.

If the process does not suffer a road accident, then the referenda could be held in the first half of the new year. There is a need for a certain amount of time for Turkish Cypriots to prepare for the EU. Work will be carried out with this aim”, the President added.

Stating that the EU could attend the five-party meeting as an observer, Akinci said:

We have no problem with that. The two sides in Cyprus will be meeting between the 9th and 11th of January. On the 12th this will evolve into a five-party meeting. This is clearly stated in the agreement we have reached. There is another agreement we reached also. The related sides can attend the meetings when needed.”

President Akinci who completed his contacts in Brussels will return to the TRNC this evening.


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