Akinci requests more details on minefield locations

President Akinci met with UNSG Special Representative Lisa Buttenheim and the Commander of the UN Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus Kristen Lund at the presidential palace this morning.

A statement issued by presidential spokesman Baris Burcu, says that they discussed the matter of the 28 maps showing the location of landmines in the Besparmak Mountains.

According to the statement, President Akinci told Commander Lund and Ms Buttenheim that the coordinates given for the 28 minefields were insufficient and he requested collaboration with the UN, as soon as possible, to gain the necessary information regarding the minefields.

UNFICYP Commander Kirsten Lund told the president that they would acquire detailed information on the mine fields from the Greek Cypriot Defence Ministry. UNSG Special Representative Lisa Buttenheim said that President Akinci’s requests regarding this humane issue were positive and assured him that as the UN, they would do everything possible through continuous collaboration with both political and military authorities, the statement concluded.

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