Akinci Should Meet Anastasiades – Columnist Writes

In an opinion piece by columnist for Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Havadis’, Basaran Duzgun, he writes that President Mustafa Akinci is in the wrong path.

Duzgun recalls that both Havadis and he, himself had supported Akinci during the election in 2015, because he was saying that an agreement which will protect the rights of the Turkish Cypriots should be reached. Noting, however, that the negotiations had failed, Duzgun argues:

“The Greek Cypriot side’s negative stance has a big share of [responsibility] in this failure. This is an undeniable reality. However, there is a bitter reality from our point of view as well. And this is the fact that the negotiations were interrupted and were substituted by the gas crisis. The ‘men from Limassol’ (Akinci and Anastasiades), who in the near past were meeting, drinking zivania, [a traditional Cypriot alcoholic drink] and saying nice things to each other, now are making very hurtful statements and are accusing each other.

“Diplomacy has disappeared. The possibility of war is being debated in our seas in which warships are running wild now. This situation harms the Turkish Cypriots who want a solution. Because, the non-solution is a negative for the Turkish Cypriots.

“With a simple statement: We have not elected Mustafa Akinci in order to explain to us how intransigent the Greek Cypriot side is. We also have not elected him in order to be holed up in the palace and not meet anyone and save the day by going to a few openings every now and then and telling us that we need to continue our way ‘by improving this order of things’. We especially do not want to see him as the leader who turns away from a simple social dinner, the organisation of which is attempted for the recommencement of the negotiations. Mustafa Akinci is on the wrong path. Our duty is to warn him,” the article concludes.


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