Akinci speaks to press after leaders’ meeting

Speaking after the leaders’ meeting in the UN buffer zone on Friday, President Akinci has said that the EU was an important factor in the negotiations process. However, everyone was aware that the final decision lay with both communities and everyone was working hard to arrive at that stage.

He said that he had held fruitful meetings in Brussels recently, noting that EU Commissioner Juncker would arrive in Cyprus soon. There may be a three-way meeting between Juncker and both community leaders, he added.

Akinci said that discussions on core issues continued and that the technical committees continued with their work. No further progress had been made on confidence building measures, he added.

He noted that the EU had shown increased interest in Cyprus and this, he said, was positive. Nevertheless it was a UN process and would continue to be so.

Akinci concluded that the cost of division was a great deal more than the cost of a solution, adding that the help of the international community was needed and this subject was on the agenda.

In a separate interview with the press, UNSG Special Advisor Eide said that during the five hour meeting, governance and power sharing, property, criterion on territory, EU issues and economic issues had been discussed. Eide said the matter of the implementation of the confidence building measures was also discussed.

Eide noted that the two leaders would meet again on the 27th of July and added that they had reiterated their commitment to the process.

Kibris Postasi

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