Akinci speaks to press after presidents’ meeting

President Mustafa Akinci spoke to the press outside the Presidential Palace after his meeting with President Anastasiades.

He said that the talks continued within a bi-communal, bi-zonal federation framework; a new structure would be formed and this new federal structure would have a brand new name and a brand new flag.

Akinci said that at today’s meeting, they had assessed their progress so far and they had made studies of the property issue.

Pointing to recent reports in the Greek Cypriot press which said that there was some kind of agreement on the property criteria, Akinci said that these reports were misleading. He said there was agreement on categories not criteria. He went on to say there was agreement on which category affected properties would fall into and the two sides were continuing their preparations on this matter.

Akinci said, “41 years has passed and this has created 41 new situations. It was not possible to tear away people who lived on those lands with one decision and this was seen clearly in cases in the ECHR”.

The President went on to say that for the Greek Cypriots, the shape of the Cyprus Republic was changing; for the Turkish Cypriots, a new structure was being born and this new structure would be a new federal model with a new flag. However this new structure would not go and apply to the EU or UN again – it would take its place with its new name.

He also added that decisions regarding the Derinya and Aplic border crossings, were in the hands of the technical committees.

Kibris Postasi

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