Akinci still looking for compromise from the south

“Only through Turkey we could be opened to the world. In every field, our only open door to the world was Turkey”, President Akinci said.

Addressing the 7th Bosphorus Summit, he said that the Turkish Cypriots want peace, tranquillity and a just solution in Cyprus.

“It would be a gain for all sides if we created a field of cooperation instead of new tensions around Cyprus and if we turned Cyprus into an island of cooperation instead of seeing it as the root of evil. We are trying for Cyprus to become a friendly area for Turkey, not only its northern part, but its southern part as well. We are trying to get the Greek Cypriots to also understand how important gaining the friendship of a big country like Turkey is for them”.

Noting that peace cannot come only with good will on one side only, Akinci argued:

“It did not come in Switzerland. During the first round of the talks we took an important step. We were waiting for the same step to come from the other side as well, but this step could not be taken. We are face to face with the danger of losing another historic opportunity. We do not want to lose it. It would be a mistake.

If there is a wish, good will and determination, by the end of the year we will lead this issue to a five-party conference and when we, with the Greek Cypriots, discuss out internal issues, Turkey, Greece and Britain could sit at the other table and discuss this issue and find a common way out. We want a solution, but there could be no solution with the mentality of ‘solution at any cost’. There could be no such a solution. […]   We want nothing more than equality, freedom and justice. […] However, these issues are settled with discussion, not imposition.

Greece did not send a representative to the negotiations. Now we are saying ‘let us organise a five-party conference’. They are saying ‘no’ to this as well. We cannot achieve a solution unilaterally. However, if they make an approach for an honourable solution, we will take our place as the TRNC as one of the two equal founding states. However, if they do not come, we will continue our way as the TRNC”.


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