Akinci too passive and Greek Cypriots not motivated: Ozersay

Chairman of the People’s Party (HP) Kudret Ozersay, criticised the Greek Cypriots regarding the breakdown of the Cyprus negotiations [they will resume on Tuesday 11 April] and also the Turkish Cypriot side concerning the “unresponsive and inactive policy” it followed on the hydrocarbon issue.

Ozersay condemned the Turkish Cypriot side for the policy it followed on the hydrocarbon issue, stressing the need for changing it. “The TRNC should undertake steps in the framework of the already existing agreement with the Turkish Petroleum Corporation (TPAO)”, he said.

Referring to the deadlock in the talks, Ozersay stated that this was not a surprising development and pointed out that there were a lot of difficulties thwarting the process to date. “The disappointment that exists today derives from the fact that although there wasn’t the necessary progress at the Cyprus negotiation talks, they create the impression that ‘everything has been done,’” Ozersay alleged.

He also criticised President Akinci for suspending the Turkish Cypriot’s oil exploration activities right after being elected president. He further accused Akinci of not reacting when the Greek Cypriot side launched its own oil exploration activities.

Ozersay further asserted that the reason that the talks came to a halt, was not because of the Enosis plebiscite. “This is only the spark. The main reason for the standstill of the negotiations was the fact that the Greek Cypriot side has nothing to motivate it to continue efforts for a solution. The least that should be done at the moment, is to use to natural gas element as an instrument of pressure,” he concluded.


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