Akinci warns that ongoing investigations should not exceed legal bounds

President Mustafa Akinci issued a statement regarding the investigations into suspected members of FETO which said:

“Our country should not turn into a place that any terrorist organisation can find refuge”. He also added that it is the duty of the state to carry out the investigations conducted in accordance with the law.

He further stated that the TRNC presidency has not been given the list [of FETO linked members] mentioned in the news and added that this important procedure should not overstep the bounds of the law and should take place without conflicting with justice.

Akinci said that the necessary punishment is required by law and justice for those involved on the July 15 coup in Turkey. “Our country should not turn into a place that any terrorist organisation can thrive. It is the responsibility of the TRNC state to carry out the necessary actions ito counter the acts of this organisation”, he stated.

He went on adding that it is of utmost importance to eliminate the infiltration of the police. “In such a process, the importance of staying within the law is even greater. […]. It is also a social duty to prevent misrepresentation, speculation and falsehoods”, Akinci said.

Noting that “the units conducting the investigation as well as all the institutions, especially the media, should be alert to the extrajudicial executions and treatment of prisoners”, he said: “Even a single innocent man should not be deprived of his liberty and his future should not be dimmed. Justice is essential for everyone”.

“I believe that the authorities carrying out the investigation are going to make the necessary revelations in light of the demands of the public to supply information and in certain measure, without harming the legal process and the rights of the suspects who have not yet been brought before the judiciary. It is everyone’s duty to be meticulous and demonstrate a sense of responsibility in order to reach a fair result without going beyond the limits of law and deviating from a sense of justice”, Akinci concluded.


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