Akıncılar residents still await new road

The residents of Akıncılar/Luricina village held a demonstration in front of the TRNC Assembly building, protesting the lack of improvement regarding the main road going to the village.

The only road that connects Akıncılar to rest of the island passes through a military zone and residents of the village are obliged to show their ID cards to military personnel in order to reach their homes.

They said it was like living in an “open air prison”.

The villagers said that the government had promised that it would solve the road problem and that they were disappointed with the lack of any developments.

Prime Minister Yorgancıoğlu who met with the protesting residents outside parliament, told them that the government had started the tender process two months ago and that as soon as the process was completed, a new road that bypassed the military zone would be built.

Speaking during the protest, the Akıncılar Mayor Hasan Barbaros said that they would be keeping a close eye on the situation.

Source Kibris Postasi

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