Akkuyu PR manager resigns over safety concerns

The Regional Head of Public Relations for Turkey’s first ongoing nuclear plant project at Akkuyu, Faruk Uzel has resigned after four years employment.

Faruk Uzel, on 1st September, sent a text to press organisations’ representatives, saying that he had resigned because he believed that “the operations and attitude of the Russian company [Rosatom] implementing the project were a risk to the country”.

“I support my country’s attempts to construct a nuclear power plant and to have this technology, however due to my take on the Russian company’s implementation and attitude, after I expressed my concerns, I announced that I have resigned from the Akkuyu project”, Uzel’s message read.

Prior to his announcement, an anonymous source revealed that an email had been sent to the Turkish press, alleging that Uzel had been sacked after he was accused of “corruption and sexual harassment”.

However, lawyer for the Akkuyu nuclear plant company Kaan Keskin, stated that the complaint filed against Uzel, had nothing to do with the company.

Meanwhile, Uzel has strenuously denied and condemned the accusations of sexual harassment and corruption laid against him. He said that the nuclear power project was riddled with faults and unsafe.

Dogan News Agency

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