Turkey reportedly favours a CTP-UBP coalition government

Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Afrika’ newspaper reports that Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), is exerting pressures for the establishment of a coalition government between the Republican Turkish Party-United Forces (CTP-BG) and the National Unity Party (UBP).

Under the title “CTP is caught between two fires”, the paper writes that after the oath taking of the MPs on Monday, President Dervis Eroglu is expected to assign the chairman of the CTP, Ozkan Yorgancioglu with the duty of establishing a government. However, the CTP has not decided yet who its coalition partner will be, argues ‘Afrika’ noting that three views exist in the CTP: the first group insists on a coalition with the Democratic Party-National Forces (DP-UG), the second group points out to Dervis Eroglu’s dominance over the DP-UG and argues that they should cooperate with the UBP and the third group suggests that CTP should remain outside the government at this stage.

According to ‘Afrika’, UBP’s chairman, Irsen Kucuk has the authority to carry out the discussions for the establishment of a coalition government, after remaining at his post until October upon “suggestions by the AKP“.“Kucuk is still exerting efforts to create an UBP over which Eroglu could not dominate”, notes ‘Afrika’, pointing out, however, that Kucuk does not have the support of the party behind him.

The paper argues that only if at least nine out of the fourteen MPs of UBP joined the DP-UG, Kucuk would be put aside and a CTP-UBP coalition government would be prevented.

Meanwhile, writing in his column in Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Havadis’ newspaper, Dervis Dogan reports that Kucuk should have resigned right after the result of the elections. Dogan says that Kucuk has not resigned and forced the organs of the party to decide that he should remain at his post until October, “because this is his last chance”. “It is one last gesture by the AKP to Irsen Kucuk”, he notes adding that “a coalition with the UBP will be or have been proposed to the CTP a long time ago with Ankara’s suggestions”. Dogan says that in such possible CTP-UBP coalition, Kucuk would have the option of appointing ministers and he might there might be a point to his remaining in the post of UBP’s chairman.

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