Akrotiri could be launch pad for air strikes against ISIS

Recently appointed British High Commissioner to Cyprus Damian Roderic ‘Ric’ Todd has said that Akrotiri British base in Cyprus is involved in military operation against the terror organisation Iraq Damascus Islam State (ISIS), ‘Kibris Postasi’ reports.

Greek Cypriot daily ‘Simerini’ published an interview that Todd had given to the ‘Sigmalive’ channel. In the interview Todd spoke in general about the ISIS issue.

According to the news, the High Commissioner noted that within the parameters of a humanitarian aid mission, Akrotiri is involved in the fight against the “barbaric and brutal” ISIS.

In the statement, UK Defence Minister Michael Fallon gave during his visit to the Akrotiri base in Cyprus, he said that he had witnessed army personnel in Cyprus providing Iraq with humanitarian aid. Asked whether the British bases would be involved in the ISIS operations, Todd replied by saying that the British bases were already involved in the operations and that their involvement would continue.

On Wednesday, UK daily the ‘Independent’ reported that British Prime Minister David Cameron has announced he was seeking parliamentary approval for a sustained bombing campaign against Islamic extremists who now control large areas of Iraq.

In a speech to the United Nations just hours before US war planes launched a third night of air strikes in Syria, Cameron said the international community must not be “so frozen with fear” by old mistakes that it withdrew into “isolation” and failed to confront the threat of ISIS.

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