AKSA company eyeing E. Mediterranean gas resources

The Chief Executive Officer of the AKSA Company, which is the only private sector electricity producer in the TRNC, has said that the company is interested in being involved in gas projects in the eastern Mediterranean.

He said that it was not only an appropriate investment for the company but also for the country:

“It is for this reason that we are interested in projects related to eastern Mediterranean gas and we attend all meetings. We are holding talks with both sides – Turkey and Israel. There are two factors making it worth the effort for us. The first one is that there is a big possibility that there are discussions for the gas to go through Cyprus. We have a power plant in Cyprus and we produce and cover 60% of the energy needs of the TRNC. Work to transform this power plant to a gas station could be launched rapidly. The second point is that it is very possible that gas could be extracted from the Çukurova region, which we consider is an area where we could distribute natural gas.

Therefore, it is a worthwhile investment for us and it is for those reasons that we are taking an interest”, Uygun said, referring also to the possibility of taking joint action with other Turkish firms.


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