AKSA power plant filter has been tested

Head of the government’s Environment Commission Hakan Dincyurek, has issued a press release with regard to the chimney filter at AKSA.

Dincyurek said that recently, there had been a lot of reports in the press regarding the AKSA and TEKNECIK power stations. In the light of these reports, he felt obliged to enlighten the public.

He said that the filter system had been installed at AKSA and the Environmental Protection Department had monitored the effect of the filter for 24 hours after it was fitted.

Dincyurek said that recently, several members of the public had complained that black smoke could be seen coming from the chimney and speculation as to its effects on the public was rife. He said the only way to find out whether the filter system worked effectively was to check it through a calibration system.

As regards TEKNECIK, Dincyurek said that this power station had an even bigger problem and noted that no filter system was installed there. He commented that the plant continued to use inferior grade fuel.

Kibris Postasi

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