All current TRNC citizens should have EU citizenship: Akinci

President Mustafa Akinci and his negotiating team have proposed that Turkish citizens of the TRNC become citizens of the EU in the event of a solution to the Cyprus problem.

According to Turkish daily ‘Milliyet’, Akinci wants the proportions to be a maximum of 4-1, in order to keep the current demographic.

TRNC citizens from Turkey, will have the same rights under EU law as Greeks from Greece, an official told the newspaper. A similar report by Greek Cypriot daily ‘Politis’ is incorrect, the same official stated and said that the following was correct:

The Greek Cypriot side wants the new republic to be called the Federal Republic of Cyprus, however, the issue is not yet on the table and this just a suggestion made by the Greek Cypriots.

Regarding population, the South wants a proportion of 80 – 20%, whereas the TRNC wants current the population of 220,000 TRNC citizens to be members of the new state.

The Turkish Cypriots want a rotating presidency, in the interests of political equality, while the South is opposed to a rotating presidency and wants to have a deputy president.

According to ‘Politis’ there are 24 criteria for property. For example Cypriots who were refugees before 1974 should be given restitution, but within certain time limits, otherwise loss of property can be compensated for or exchanged. The Turkish Cypriot side has not yet suggested any criteria on this topic, so far.

On the issue of territory, the Greek Cypriots want certain areas, such as Guzelyurt to be returned and are suggesting a 2-3 month transition period. The Turkish Cypriots want an arrangement similar to the Annan Plan, which includes a transition period of at least six months.

The Greek Cypriots want to end guarantee agreements. ‘Politis’ reported that the South wants a system that would include, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, the UK and possibly Italy as part of an EU security system. The EU and UN should cooperate to guarantee order and security for the region. The Turkish Cypriot side has said that the issue of guarantees should be one of the last topics on the agenda. They say that such proposals have not yet reached the negotiation table but have only been discussed between the South and UN officials.

Finally, as regards the economy, all issues have been covered, and the Greek Cypriots will be responsible for their debt of 10 billion euros. Meanwhile the Turkish Cypriots will be responsible for their debt of 6 billion euros, which Turkey is expected to cover.

Both community leaders will hold their next meeting after the summer recess on Tuesday; UNSG Special Advisor Espen Eide will also be present.

Negotiators Ozdil Nami and Andreas Mavroyiannis, who held meetings all last week, will meet with Eide this evening to brief him on the results of last week’s meeting.

Kibris Postasi, Milliyet

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