All Petrol Stations in the south – Closed

There were long queues for fuel at petrol stations in the south last night following the threat of an indefinite strike by petrol station owners, who are protesting against the number of new stations being built.

The Greek Cypriot government has promised to introduce new restrictions on issuing licences for petrol stations but so far, these laws have not come into force.

The operators’ association said: “There was no other option but to proceed with the decision to shut down all filling stations from Friday, January 4, our demand is for a freeze in licences until new regulations and criteria for the operation of fuel stations are approved by parliament.”

Petrol stations in the Famagusta area were closed on Wednesday as angry station owners protested against the building of new stations nearby which would create too much competition, they said.

At 6am this morning, all petrol stations in the south were closed, while operators demand tighter restrictions on licencing of new petrol stations.

Yesterday, the head of the Petrol Station Owners’ Association, Stefanos Stefanou, said that the owners did not object to new licences as such but were against the issue of licences for stations that did not meet all the regulations.


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