All Workers In Service Sector Must Have PCR Test

North Cyprus News - Testing for Covid-19A statement made by the Ministry of Health said that in light of the increasing number of cases of the coronavirus, business owners and employees in the service sector who have direct contact with the public should have a PCR by the end of business on 23 December at the latest.

The statement made by the Ministry of Health is as follows:

“The Ministry of Health has deemed it appropriate to make the following statement, considering the increasing coronavirus cases in our country:

“Being in direct contact with customers in the service sector in our country; It was deemed necessary for hairdressers, barbers, restaurant employees, takeaway personnel, nail bar, massage parlour employees, and the owner and employees, who work in the gym, to have PCR tests done until the end of the shift by 23 December 2020 at the latest.

“It is of great importance that employees and employers have PCR tests performed by showing the necessary awareness  in order to prevent any contamination that would require closure in the sectors mentioned above.

“PCR tests are performed at Nicosia Emergency Hospital (08.00-20.00 including today), Famagusta State Hospital (24 hours including today), Kyrenia Tourism Port (from 11.00- 19.00 Monday), Güzelyurt Health Centre (MONDAY 24 HOURS OTHER DAYS 08.00- 16.00) and in private laboratories authorized by the Ministry of Health. No fee will be charged for the PCR tests to be carried out in the state, and the tests in private laboratories will be paid for privately.

“On the other hand, as our citizens follow, coronavirus positive cases are increasing rapidly, especially in Europe. Some countries, such as the UK, are shutting down completely and curfews are on the agenda. We must maximize our measures in order not to fall into the same situation and to prevent the contamination from forcing us to shut down again. We must follow the mask, distance and hygiene rules.

“In particular, citizens who notice symptoms such as fever, general malaise, loss of taste and smell, and cough should immediately apply to the nearest health centre. “Nowadays, increasing individual measures are of great importance for public health. In addition, we repeat our call for those who know that they have been in contact with a person who tested positive not to hide themselves and ask for help from our 1102 line.

“We are going through a very serious period, we are at a turning point.

“Nowadays, it is very important that our citizens over the age of 65 and chronically ill patients do not go to crowded places, especially not to go abroad unless they have to. It is very important for our young people to avoid crowded environments during this period in order to protect their families and loved ones.”


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