Allegations of Corruption Regarding Power Company

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[AKSA Power Plant – Kalecik]
Monday, 6 June 2022

A CTP deputy is asking why the government is renewing its contract with private energy company AKSA, when it would be cheaper for state-run electricity company Kib-Tek to purchase a new generator instead, Yeniduzen reported.

Republican Turkish Party (CTP) Deputy Salahi Şahiner has called for an investigation into the allegations of bribery linked to the extension of the AKSA contract.

In a written statement, Şahiner claimed that solutions to reduce electricity bills had been sidelined in order to renew the AKSA contract.

Plans are being made that will open the doors of annuity for certain companies to make exorbitant profits so that society and business people pay even higher electricity bills”, he claimed.

Referring to the allegations made by Abdullah İşkey, who was appointed to the Kib-Tek board of directors by the UBP and was dismissed recently, Şahiner said: “It is essential to open an investigation into whether the allegations made under the four main headings are true or not”. 

Şahiner dismissed the excuse that there was no money to make investments in Kib-Tek, he said, “With the two-year rental fee payable to AKSA, an investment in a new generator could be made that would supply as much power as the entire output capability of AKSA”.

Şahiner continued: “I believe that the statement that a financial model cannot be created for an investment of 60 million dollars at a time when we pay an annual rental fee of 30 million dollars for the AKSA contract serves no purpose other than to make up an excuse to extend the contract.

“ In the event that the AKSA contract is extended for 15 years in line with the allegations made, the necessary investment financing can be provided with the ‘rental fee’ to be paid within only two years. You have a situation where you can pay 500 million dollars in rent to AKSA within 15 years, but you cannot fool even a primary school child by saying ‘our situation is not suitable’ for an investment of 60 million dollars. When it comes to AKSA, there is money but no resources to invest?”

 “If the government wants to reduce electricity prices, it should invest and part ways with AKSA“, he said.


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