Almost Half Votes Counted – Akinci Just Behind: UPDATED

As of 6.40pm, 309 of 738 boxes were opened. According to the ballot box results; 50.46 percent of the votes went to Ersin Tatar and 49.54 percent to Mustafa Akıncı.

Nineteen of the votes counted thus far are invalid.

Kibris Postasi reported that as of 5pm, one hour before voting ended, the turnout was marginally higher at 61.03 percent.

UPDATE: As of 7.10pm local time, 667 of 738 ballot boxes were opened, 71 unopened ballot boxes remain.

Tatar has received 51.94 percent of the votes and Akıncı has received 48.06 percent.

Yeniduzen, Kibris Postasi

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