Alternative Tourism will Benefit Locals

The TRNC is not a country with enough opportunities to survive with mass tourism alone, Prime Minister Tufan Erhürman has said. “In our country, far more widespread sectors like alternative tourism can be a benefit. With alternative tourism, we can get much more common income,” he said.

Speaking at the opening of the Tatlısu Grass and Culture Festival. Erhürman stated that Tatlısu has history, nature, gastronomy and culture.

The grass festival tells us that it is possible to nurture other things, it is possible to have another kind of cuisine, another kind of gastronomy is possible,” the prime minister said. Another kind of tourism is possible in Tatlısu, he said.

North Cyprus News - Iskele MuseumRecalling that the archaeological excavation in Tatlısu was supported by the Mayor of Tatlisu and that this is a clear indication that an important and different kind of tourism is possible in terms of the future of Tatlısu, Erhürman said.

Kyrenia, Famagusta and Nicosia are open to mass tourism PM Erhürman said:

But our country is not a country with only the narrowest opportunities to be satisfied with mass tourism. In our country, much more widespread sectors can benefit from alternative tourism. We can earn more income with alternative tourism. Individual villagers can win, small businesses can succeed. Our villages can become tourist villages such as we see in other European countries. We have to address this vision and we should be able to find a different kind of tourism models in our country.”

Kibris News Agency

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