Ambitious tourist plans for North Cyprus

In recent years, there have been a number of significant efforts to boost tourism in Northern Cyprus.

The latest plan comes from the Tourism, Environment and Culture Minister Unal Ustel. Mr Ustel released a press statement outlining his Tourism Strategic Plan.

The Minister of Culture recorded that there were more than one million travellers to North Cyprus from fifteen countries. He is now hoping to make tourism a year round industry not just confined to the summer months. It is estimated that one million tourists will bring in around $2.5 million, although these figures may be not be accurate.

The strategic plan calls for a major marketing campaign, particularly around the World Travel fair to be held in London in early November. There will be advertisements in newspapers and on London buses and black cabs as well as on the London Underground. It is hoped that this will counter the recent decline in
tourists visiting from the UK. London Turkish Cypriots may be encouraged to visit given the recent change in law that ends the requirement for military service after the age of 49.

There will also be road shows in most Scandinavian countries as these markets are felt to have great untapped potential for generating tourism. Visitor numbers from Turkey have doubled and those from other countries have increased by 25%, with a majority of this figure made up from German and Dutch tourists.

Hotel room capacity has been increased from 16,000 to 20,000 as part of the campaign.

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