Ambulance Plane Makes Direct Flight to Ercan

A Czech ambulance plane flew direct from Prague to Ercan Airport yesterday to pick up a Czech national who was suffering with a medical emergency.

Commenting on the issue, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Kudret Özersay said that the Republic of Northern Cyprus was always open and ready to cooperate with international actors on humanitarian issues.

We received a request for an ambulance plane to fly directly to Ercan airport to pick up someone with a serious medical problem. The Civil Aviation Department and the Foreign Ministry officials immediately completed all necessary procedures. The patient was then transported back to his country and we are updating the Czech issue on the issue”, Özersay posted on his social media account.

Foreign Minister Ozersay said that the TRNC was always ready to cooperate with the international community on humanitarian issues, particularly in areas of health, crime or missing persons.

This is what civilised countries do and I would like to stress once again that we are open to cooperation with all international agencies”, he added.

Ozersay said that the TRNC will do what is required of a normal state, regardless of whether it is internationally recognised or not.

Progress is made even though the steps taken are small. This is what is important”, he said.


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