An Estimated 4,000 Unfinished Buildings in TRNC

There are around 4,000 uncompleted constructions in the TRNC as a result of past unplanned and uncontrolled construction and investment.

No-one knows the exact number of unfinished buildings which began to appear after the Annan Plan period, mainly between 2004-2007. The estimated number is around 4,000 however, there is no official government data, writes Turkish Cypriot daily Kibris. “The country is full of concrete chunks”, it says.

In the period that followed, between 2007-2011 and while the hopes for a solution to the Cyprus problem diminished as well, construction work stopped, leaving the country littered with unfinished houses and apartments.

Commenting on the issue, chairman of the Turkish Cypriot Constructors’ Union Cafer Gurcafer, said that the unfinished buildings belong to foreign investors and firms like Gary Robb or Bulut Insaat which were not able to follow the changes of law regarding the buildings and abandoned their investments. He also added that measures must be taken towards solving the problem.


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