Anastasiades announces confidence building measures

President Nicos Anastasiades has announced a series of confidence building measures today. These include maps for minefields and granting administration of religious sites to Turkish Cypriots.

He said he was announcing the CBMs “on the occasion of the resumption of talks and my strong conviction about the need to create a climate of trust that would boost the negotiating procedure.”

Anastasiades said he would provide the ground maps for 28 minefields laid down by Greek Cypriot forces in the Besparmak area in the North before 1974, when he first meets with newly elected Turkish Cypriot President Mustafa Akinci.

In a written statement, the Greek Cypriot president also said he was handing over the management of certain Muslim religious sites in the South to the Evkaf, the foundation that oversees Islamic land holdings.

The sites in question belong to the Turkish Cypriot community and are not under the protection of foreign embassies, the statement said.

It was also decided to hire Turkish-speaking workers at citizens’ advice centres in Nicosia to make it easier for Turkish Cypriots to carry out their business.

The president also welcomed the ongoing effort to unify the island’s football, which he hopes would come to a successful conclusion soon.

Cyprus Mail

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