Anastasiades’ attack on Eide an electioneering stunt

Sunday’s outburst by President Nicos Anastasiades, when he lambasted UN Special Envoy Espen Barth Eide, was a piece of showboating for the elections, writes ‘Cyprus Mail’ in an opinion piece.

With one eye on next year’s presidential elections, Anastasiades tore Eide off a strip, accusing him of showing bias in favour the Turkish Cypriots. The less Eide said the better, said Anastasiades.

He also accused Eide of trying to impose a timetable and introduce UN arbitration into the talks. Eide has said that this was not his intention and was only suggesting bridging proposals to help resolve the impasse on certain issues. Proposals with either side were free to reject.

The paper writes that Anastasiades is deliberately misleading the public with these claims, in order for him to be able to abandon the talks. If the Turkish Cypriots were content to continue the talks to the end of the year, then Anastasiades would not feel the need to attack Eide.

Part of the show was publicly announcing that he would be sending a letter of complaint to US Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. Cyprus Mail writes that Guterres will likely disregard the letter because he has complete confidence in his envoy. Furthermore, he already aware of the state of the Cyprus negotiations, having been briefed by Eide.

South Cyprus has a reputation for attacking all the UN envoys to Cyprus with regard to the negotiations, always accusing them of bias. So the writer asks, if they believe that the UN is so biased against the Greek Cypriots, why agree to hold talks under UN auspices with the other side?

Cyprus Mail

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