Anastasiades blames Turkey for negotiations stalling

Turkey and the Turkish Cypriots cannot insist that the minority be considered equal to the majority, President Nicos Anastasiades has said.

In an interview with Greek Cypriot dailies, ‘Phileleftheros and ‘Cyprus Weekly’, he said:

Their positions insisting that essentially the minority will make the decisions and the majority will simply obey cannot be justified”.

Their demands are unprecedented, said Anastasiades.

The issue of a rotating presidency is out of the question right now,” adding that “to be able to accept a discussion one should know concessions that the other side will make so as not to create conditions that increase the concerns of the Greek Cypriots, especially in terms of functionality and sustainability.”

It’s unimaginable to discuss the four chapters, as well as territorial adjustments, to address their concerns and when the time comes for them to demonstrate political will in seeking a peaceful coexistence, they ask for more,” said Anastasiades

Anastasiades blames the break in negotiations on Turkey’s unwillingness to discuss security and guarantees.

However, he remains hopeful that talks will restart after Turkey’s referendum on constitutional changes in April. Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has gained the support of the extremist nationalist group, Grey Wolves who might withdraw support, if they feel that Turkey is making concessions on Cyprus.

Ultimately, Anastasiades believes that even if negotiations restart before the referendum, no significant progress will be made because, as he says, “Turkey controls Akinci, whether he wants to admit it or not.

Akinci left UN-brokered reunification talks in Nicosia last Thursday but blamed Anastasiades for the breakdown of the fragile 20-month-old process.

Cyprus Weekly

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