Anastasiades blaming Turkey for failed talks shallow and wrong

Turkey was not responsible for the dead end in the Cyprus negotiations, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has said.

Reacting to President Nicos Anastasiades’ statement that Turkey was responsible for the negotiations in Switzerland ending with no conclusion, Cavusolgu, who was addressing the Organisation of Islamic Conference’s Foreign Ministers Council meeting on the Ivory Coast, said that Anastasiades’ remarks were wrong, shallow and for domestic consumption.

Recalling that Turkey had stressed that the Crans-Montana Conference would be the last conference and also had expressed the need for bringing all issues to the table without delay, Cavusoglu noted that the UN had accepted a proposal to discuss all issues in a package.

Noting that all sides had accepted that Turkey adopted a constructive manner, Cavusoglu said:

The Greek Cypriot side had only one desire and criterion. They wanted zero soldiers on the island. In other words, the Turkish army will be withdrawn completely. The guarantee of Turkey will end and it will not have unilateral intervention rights. All bonds between Turkey and Cyprus will be broken. These are all they desired. This was a nonsense proposal and it was not possible for us to accept it”.

Arguing that Turkey had conducted the negotiations within the framework drawn up by the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, he said: “Continuing negotiations does not mean to accept all demands by the Greek Cypriots. Of course, we will reject nonsense proposals”.

Asked if the Greek Cypriot side would use this argument in the international arena, Cavusoglu said: “They can use it. Everyone including the EU was talking about this at the G20 Summit. Everyone knows what the problem is. However, if they apply double standards as in 2004 and are not fair, that is their problem”.


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