Anastasiades calls on Turkey for bold initiatives

South Cyprus President Anastasiades said yesterday that “if we don’t have a new momentum created as regards the Cyprus problems with really bold initiatives on the part of Turkey, I don’t see how hope can revive or how it would be possible to hope for a solution of the Cyprus problem soon.”

The talks, which are expected to resume next month, have played out against the backdrop of proposals for a return the closed off area of Maras/Varosha in Famagusta as a confidence building measure.

The proposal to return Maras to the South was, unsurprisingly, refused by Turkish Foreign Minister Davutoglu last week.

Neither Presidents Anastasiades nor Eroglu, have said much on major issues – with Maras being the only exception.

Anastasiades said he will discuss the future talks with US Vice President Joe Biden in Washington later this month.

“No doubt about this. I consider that everyone that can contribute to this must be informed that no dialogue should begin just for the sake of having one, or just to repeat the same things which happened in the past,” he said.

The process of launching new talks may have already begun, but so far no party has given a precise date for their recommencement other than suggesting the month of October.

Meanwhile, Turkish Cypriot newspapers report that the Turkish Cypriot negotiating team agree that advancements achieved by previous negotiations in the Cyprus dispute should not be discarded.

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