Anastasiades not such a gentleman: Eroglu

President Eroglu’s has responded to President Anastasiades’ criticism of the North’s rejection of part of the framework of the peace negotiations as envisioned by the South. The South Cyprus President had characterised the TRNC’s president’s refusal to agree on some of the principles demanded by the Greek Cypriot sides as audacious and arrogant. Anastasiades also said: “We will not enter into a dialogue of the deaf to please some people who would consider consider it a success just to start a negotiating process”.

According to Bayrak television on Monday, President Eroglu, in a written statement, said that as “the President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, he is aware of his constitutional duty and he is doing what is necessary to defend the rights and interests of his people”. Eroglu added said that he did not expect to be called arrogant by a man who he had considered to be a gentlemanly politician.

Eroglu added that he was always respectful when addressing Greek Cypriot sensitivities and personalities, and that it was interesting that Anastasiades had made these accusations, having just visited EOKA House.

He said, “It seems that Mr Anastasiades is not pleased with my insistence on our sovereignty and the continuation of Turkey’s active and effective guarantee. It is obvious that Anastasiades is continuing to espouse the EOKA ideology even today, and also he dreams about taking us back to pre-1974 conditions”.

Eroglu also called on Anastasiades to fully understand the realities of Cyprus and adjust his attitude accordingly; further, that he should be under no illusion that he can convince the Turkish Cypriots to surrender their sovereignty.

He reiterated that the Turkish Cypriots were ready to negotiate without any preconditions and resolve the Cyprus problem with a federation which is bi-zonal and politically equal.

“We will never sacrifice our political equality and equal status of the founding states,” Eroglu said.

Speaking in an interview on BRT on the same day, President Eroglu said that Anastasiades had been playing for time by introducing the idea of a joint statement. He added that all the chapters agreed upon in former negotiations, were being dismissed by the Greek Cypriot president.

Moreover, he accused Anastasiades of pandering to DIKO, his ultra-right wing coalition partners because he did not wish to offend them.

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