Anastasiades gets death threats

Greek Cypriot President Anastasiades and Chairman of the Central Bank, Panikos Dimitriadis have both received death threats to themselves and their children and grandchildren.

‘Politis’ newspaper has received the death threat letter and published it. The letter is signed by the Deposits Recovery Group.

The typed letter dated March 20th, says that in order to hurt the President and Central Bank Governor as much as the depositors have been hurt, there will be a number of actions taken. One of these says, “we will start with your grandchildren, then your children and finally yourselves”.

The letter also says: “Do not ignore us. Do not belittle us. Do not test us. Immediately stop the levy on deposits. We know what to expect from you traitors of the motherland. We do not belong to any organisation or party. We have sworn that you will die.”.

The letter goes on to say that professionals have been hired to carry out the reprisals.

According to Greek Cypriot police, Dimitridis has taken his children out of local schools and sent them to study abroad.

Meanwhile, other politicians have taken extensive security measures for their safety.

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