Anastasiades’ greatest fear is a solution to the Cyprus problem: Burcu

The settlement of the Cyprus problem has become Greek Cypriot leader’s Nicos Anastasiades’ greatest fear, President Mustafa Akıncı’s spokesman Barış Burcu said.

Speaking in defence of the Turkish Cypriot side’s negotiating position, Burcu said that their stance during the Cyprus negotiations had been faultless and had showed their willingness to compromise.

Speaking on a TV programme, Burcu said that it had been President Mustafa Akıncı who had taken the process forward in a positive manner, culminating in the Conference on Cyprus which was held in Crans-Montana, Switzerland.

He added, however, that they had been faced with various propaganda campaigns throughout the process.

They accused us of being traitors. Nevertheless we continued the process by bearing all the hardships and difficulties. Unfortunately we did not see the same decisiveness from Anastasiades”, he said, adding that the process came to a standstill because of the Greek Cypriot leader’s fears.

Akıncı’s spokesman reminded that the Greek Cypriot leader had set out a number of preconditions prior to the summit in Crans-Montana, insisting that he would only discuss the other remaining chapters after discussions on the issue of security and guarantees had been completed.

More importantly, the Greek Cypriot leader prevented the drafting of a federal constitution”, he added.

Pointing out that the Turkish Cypriot side had done all it could to convene the Conference on Cyprus, Burcu argued in response to criticisms made on the issue, that they were left with no other option for moving the process forward.

There was no other way to reach an outcome. It was the only way to ensure that the international community observed the situation. This is what we did. I would like to remind everyone once again how important Turkey’s step on security and guarantees was. You need the approval of all the signatories in order to change an international agreement. The very fact that Turkey said it would review its rights stemming from an international agreement is a gesture of good will. You will all remember that with the Annan Plan it was the UN which had filled in all the blanks and that the issue of security and guarantees had never been opened to debate”, he said.

Burcu also argued that the Turkish Cypriot side had acted faultlessly throughout the process.

We are not a UN member country. The Greek Cypriots are recognised internationally. We do not have a vote in the EU, both Greece and the South do. The EU was present throughout the whole process for the past two years. If the UN is issuing statements aimed at balancing the situation then this is a clear indication that we were on the right path”, he said.


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