Anastasiades hosts press conference for TC journalists: Updated

Greek Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades has appealed to the leaders of the TRNC and of Turkey to work with the Greek Cypriots to bring to an end the division of Cyprus.

“Let us turn Cyprus into what it truly deserves to be, a modern European state, a state of peace of co-creativity, for the benefit of all,” Anastasiades said at a news conference he hosted yesterday for Turkish and Turkish Cypriot media at the Presidential Palace in South Nicosia.

Anastasiades said they believed that the only solution to the Cyprus problem was to form a federal state. However, he said that currently the conditions were not conducive from him to return to the negotiating table.

He went on to explain that he left the negotiations not only because of Turkish seismic explorations in [South] Cyprus’ EEZ but because the ship entered Greek Cypriot maritime waters accompanied by war ships.

“Put yourselves in our situation and see if Greece had been the stronger party and had entered Turkish Cypriot waters, flanked by war vessels, if you would continue with negotiations as well,” he said.

Anastasiades went on to say that, in addition, the hydrocarbon issue had been misrepresented. He alleged that the Turkish Cypriots had never raised their current concerns because they knew that their rights were guaranteed.

The solution to the Cyprus issue had to be one of compromise, he said, “solving the Cyprus problem and reunifying Cyprus on the basis of all that has been agreed as a compromise”. He said transforming the Cyprus Republic into a bi-zonal, bi-communal, two politically equal states with a single international status and single citizenship federation was the only plan.

The Greek Cypriot president noted that he would be visiting Russia on the 25th February where he would be signing a series of cooperation agreements with them; military cooperation had existed for years and it was not just a renewal of those but new agreements which would allow Russian air and sea forces to intervene in extraordinary situations.

Sources Cyprus Mail and Kibris Postasi

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