Anastasiades is right talks should begin with guarantees issue

President Anastasiades is right when asking to open the Cyprus Conference at Crans Montana in Geneva with the issue of guarantees, writes columnist for Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Havadis’, Esref Cetinel.

The columnist says that the Turkish Cypriot side thinks that by continuously pushing the issue to the end, it throws the ball to the guarantor powers and notes that one of the three out of five issues which the Greek Cypriot side cannot accept is Turkey’s guarantees and the presence of Turkish troops on the island. He also argues that another issue is political equality, as the President Mustafa Akinci says that there will be no solution without political equality and President Anastasiades wonders “where in the world are the minority and the majority equal?” He notes, inter alia, the following:

“[…] Then what will you do? Will you throw this problem to the end of the negotiation because of its impossibility and difficulty? […]

“What we want to say is that, if they do not go for vacations to Crans Montana, if the psychology such as prolonging the negotiations and keeping the hopes for a solution always alive does not exist, the sides should not have the need to either deceive or persuade each other.

“The problems are evidently there and Mr Akinci as soon as he sits at the table should turn to Anastasiades and ask: ‘Do you accept Turkey’s guarantees or not?’ If instead of a reply he hems and haws (and now some positions of the Greek Cypriot side have been published in the newspapers), the negotiations will start from there. If Anastasiades says no, ‘it can never happen’, Mr Akinci will extend his hand and say ‘you go your way, we will go our way’ and since he would have paid the price for a vacation at a wonderful place such as Crans Montana, he will enjoy it there for 2-3 days and I will honestly say ‘with my blessing!”


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