Anastasiades’ political self-interest undermined talks

The best ever opportunity for re-unification under reasonable conditions has been squandered by Anastasiades’ loss of nerve at the worst possible time,” an opinion piece in Greek Cypriot daily ‘Cyprus Mail’ states.

The context of this observation was in reference to the small-mindedness of Greek Cypriot leaders who have used the ploy of bickering over the details, in order not to be seen as the ones who undermined the Cyprus negotiations and evaded a solution to the problem. Any leader with vision will see the big picture and have have their technocrats thrash out the details within strict time frames in order to get results, the article states.

The writer also makes the point that both sides, at different times, have been guilty of letting minor details, down to the punctuation of an agreement, side-track negotiations. In this article, the journalist blames Anastasiades for the latest deadlock, as his “latest antics” were clearly designed to end the process. But the real issue, it says, is that four chapters, negotiated over the past two years have all but been agreed. The only requirement was that the leaders needed to give final approval.

Territorial adjustments needed minor tweaking after maps had been exchanged at the Cyprus Conference in Geneva. Additionally, Anastasiades is in possession of a proposal, prepared by Eide after consultations with all the players, on security and guarantees. These were a sound basis to continue the negotiations.

With the presidential elections looming on the horizon, the writer accuses Anastasiades of acting in political self-interest, of duplicity and cowardice because he decided to subvert the whole process by taking a major stand on procedure in “the last refuge of all our small-time, politically cowardly leaders”.

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