Anastasiades’ remarks on territory untimely: Akinci

President Akinci responded yesterday to the statement made by President Anastasiades that the areas outlined in the Annan Plan to be returned to the Greek Cypriots could in no way be changed. The Greek Cypriot president said that he considered it to be “indispensable” that those territories to be returned, according to the 2004 Annan Plan remained unaltered.

Noting that he wanted to brief the people on the issue, Akinci said that if he remained silent, this would be tantamount to acceptance.

He added: “We have not entered into the territory chapter yet, there is no agreement because we have not even discussed the issue. It was an untimely statement. One side rejected the Annan Plan. It is not right when it suits its interests to say I want this from the Annan Plan and when does not suit its interest to say I do not want this part. This is an injustice to the other side. Eleven have years passed since then. Many things have changed. We are making an adjustment by taking into consideration these changes”.

According to ‘Cyprus Weekly’, Greek opposition parties insist that if Morphou is not returned, there will be no settlement.


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